Celebrate Safely this Holiday Season

We all look forward to celebrating the holidays with friends and family, but this year with COVID-19, you should be careful. Gatherings with individuals at higher risk for severe illness could be dangerous! In Wayne County, our COVID-19 cases continue to climb and we need everyone to do their part to prevent the spread of illness, help us reduce cases, and flip the curve of COVID-19.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, have symptoms of COVID-19, or have been around a person with COVID-19, please do not host or visit any in-person gatherings until you are no longer on your quarantine period.

NCDHHS has provided guidance for the holidays with some helpful ways to decrease the risk of illness this holiday season:

  • The CDC recommends the safest way to celebrate the holidays is to stay at home and only celebrate with the people you live with. Gathering with family or friends who do not live with you can increase the risks of getting or spreading COVID-19 or the flu.

  • If you do gather during the holidays, keep the groups small and stay outside, if possible.

  • You should practice the 3Ws and wear a face covering, keep 6 feet of social distancing, and wash hands well. The 3Ws are even more important if you are getting together with someone at high risk of complications with COVID-19.

  • Remember that face coverings are required indoors when you are with individuals who you do not live with, including visiting someone else’s house or when you are having guests over at your own home. Face coverings must also be worn outside if you cannot consistently maintain 6ft of distance apart from non-household members.

If you are planning to host a gathering for family and friends, we encourage you to visit the NCDHHS guidance page for gatherings to learn more about steps you can take to celebrate safer.

While we are excited about a safe vaccine making it’s way to the public, it is important to note that vaccination is taking place in phases to ensure that individuals who need it most, receive it first. The State of North Carolina has established criteria for the COVID-19 vaccine and the Wayne County Health Department is required to follow these guidelines on who receives the vaccination. We expect the vaccine supply to be readily available to the public sometime this spring. Until then, we must all do our part to flip the curve of COVID-19 in a downward direction. Continue wearing a face mask, social distance 6 feet or more apart, and wash your hands regularly. For more on the vaccine, as well as the phases of vaccination, visit